Вкусът към живота

Вкусът към живота

Françoise Sagan Адриана Андреева Франсоаз Саган / Feb 28, 2020

  • Title: Вкусът към живота
  • Author: Françoise Sagan Адриана Андреева Франсоаз Саган
  • ISBN: 9789545973680
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback
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      • Françoise Sagan Адриана Андреева Франсоаз Саган

        Born Fran oise Quoirez, she grew up in a French, Catholic, bourgeois family She was an independent thinker and avid reader as a young girl, and upon failing her examinations for continuing at the Sorbonne, she became a writer She went to her family s home in the south of France and wrote her first novel, Bonjour Tristesse, at age 18 She submitted it to Editions Juillard in January 1954 and it was published that March Later that year, She won the Prix des Critiques for Bonjour Tristesse.She chose Sagan as her pen name because she liked the sound of it and also liked the reference to the Prince and Princesse de Sagan, 19th century Parisians, who are said to be the basis of some of Marcel Proust s characters She was known for her love of drinking, gambling, and fast driving Her habit of driving fast was moderated after a serious car accident in 1957 involving her Aston Martin while she was living in Milly, France She was twice married and divorced, and subsequently maintained several long term lesbian relationships First married in 1958 to Guy Schoeller, a publisher, they divorced in 1960, and she was then married to Robert James Westhoff, an American ceramicist and sculptor, from 1962 to 63 She had one son, Denis, from her second marriage.She won the Prix de Monaco in 1984 in recognition of all of her work.


    1. I felt supremely intellectual and sensitive while I was reading this book, all the more so because I read most of it while standing the queue for the David Hockney exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. Not that David Hockney is an intellectual. But the standard of badinage in the queues at the Royal Academy is generally pretty high.I should also point out that the edition I was reading was not chosen lightly. I settled on the translation by Robert Westhoff only after a protracted internal s [...]

    2. High-society Paris in the 1960s. Sagan’s talent is her ability to make vacuous and self-absorbed characters colorful and interesting.

    3. The novel is based on a love story and it would appear quite an ordinary and typical triangle, but below the surface the author has developed a concept that is much more profound and complicated than the love affair itself. Lucile, the main character has been living with Charles, her 50-year-old lover and outstanding representative of the Parisian elite society, when she meets the handsome young Antoine and is powerfully drawn to him. Lucile’s choice between the two men in her life and the res [...]

    4. Πραγματικά πολύ καλύτερο απ αυτό που περίμενα. Δεν είναι ένα ακόμα καταθλιπτικό δήθεν κουλτουριάρικο διήγημα για έναν αποτυχημένο έρωτα. Καλογραμμένο και με συνοχή στην παρουσίαση των σχέσεων και των συναισθημάτων των ηρώων.

    5. High society in Paris in the 1960s. Claire holding dinner parties for her friends, the elderly rich that take younger lovers. Going to the theater, picnics and cafes. Jealousy, intrigue, gossip, a spark of scandal. Nothing has changed in Paris in the past few hundred years.

    6. Le premier livre de Sagan que je lis (enfin que j'écoute). Histoire d'une passion. Un vieil homme riche et éperdument désireux de rendre heureuse une trentenaire indécise, perpétuellement insatisfaite. Un jour, arrive un jeune premier en quête de bonheurs simples et de projets d'avenir avec la fuyante et insaisissable Lucile. La voix ronde et chuintante de Sara Forestier donne à ce récit toute la tristesse et la mélancolie qui le sert si bien. Je me suis attachée à ces personnages amb [...]

    7. La Chamade (1965)In un mondo diverso io potrei vivere come Lucile, e questo è abbastanza spaventoso.Stavo per comprare questa edizione, invece mi sono accorta di avere già il libro ma con un altro titolo (La disfatta) nell'edizione Bompiani. Infatti chamade = rullo di tamburo che annuncia la disfatta, ma anche batticuore, all'impazzata"Allora il tempo sarebbe stato altro che una cosa da ammazzare, il tempo sarebbe stato una cosa da vezzeggiare, da amare, cui impedire di passare." pag. 137-138" [...]

    8. Je me sens que ce livre est très similaire à Bonjour Tristesse! Il y a un thème en commun — la possession et le vouloir d’être libre — mais je crois qu’en écrivant La Chamade, Sagan a écrit des plus beaux passages, plus intéressants, et en tout plus matures. Je crois qu’il y avait la possibilité de peindre Lucile comme femme qui s’est trompé, mais je crois que le fait que c’est pas le cas qui marque Sagan comme un de mes écrivains préférés. Lucile s’est trompé mais [...]

    9. i read this as a teenager and it had left a profound mark on me -- decided to revisit it 6 or 7 years later, to see if i would still enjoy. while the plot wasn't that interesting (girl meets boy, they fall in love), sagan's prose was lovely and still hit all the spots for me. a definite 4/5 for her choice of words, the rhythm of her sentences, and her overall writing style.

    10. Le stagioni di un amore, in un romanzo breve e - come sempre - azzeccato, di questa scrittrice francese del Novecento. Forse cinico, ma anche molto realistico, nel descrivere la passione tra due giovani - che entrambi (soprattutto lei) risultano personaggi non molto simpatici - che si accorgono che non si può vivere di solo amore.

    11. I think this is Sagan’s most eloquent novel so far in her career regarding relationships, different personalities, what kinds of passionate love or non –passionate love are destined for short-term or long-term success. The title translates loosely as “the heartbeat” but is really more complex than that. The word, as described at the story’s end, refers to a drum roll announcing a military defeat. Sagan leaves us readers to imagine precisely what she means about this definition in the l [...]

    12. Currently reading the German translation, but I have the French one as well & hope I'll read that one as well!I enjoyed this bit of light reading a lot, the language and descriptions are rather beautiful and of course I loved having the film version with Catherine Deneuve in my mind while I was reading it.

    13. ساغان بتكتب عن هي الشخصيات السطحية دون ما تحاكمها وبتفاصيل حياتها اليومية عديمة الأهمية، وعن المشاعر اللي صعب وصفها متل الملل رغم امتلاك كل شيء أو الفوارق بين مشاعر متقاربة متل حب شيء والتوق لشيء تاني بنفس الوقت والحيرة الداخلية، هيك بكلمات بسيطة دون فزلكة وعجرفة وفوقية ثق [...]

    14. amori, tradimenti, coppie che si sciolgono e si formano, convenienza e sentimenti. e parigi, onnipresente e splendida, con la sua bellezza ingombrante e la sua frivolezza; tre stagioni per raccontare passioni destinate a finire, opportunità ed egoismi. piccolo romanzo sfolgorante e frenetico (come il battere di un tamburo da cui prende il titolo).

    15. This book captures feelings that can be difficult to describe -- like what's so annoying about couples who are newly in love, precisely. A deceivingly simple plot and deceivingly simple main character. I enjoyed it.

    16. Again, I am a huge Sagan fan and I wrote a review of this book in my blog: andreafsper.wordpress. Check it out!

    17. One of my guilty pleasures. I'd actually rather read Sagan than Fitzgerald for books on high society decadence

    18. Encore une jolie histoire d'amour par Françoise Sagan. Le thème est sans originalité, mais bizarrement c'est passionnant à lire.

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